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There are three ways of income when you work with us. Start making money with CPA offers from widely known dating sites that are easy to promote and are popular among single people of all ages.


Pay Per Lead

PPL means that affiliates are paid for certain actions their leads generate, such as registration, software download, etc.


Pay Per Sale

Our PPS program is the highest paying affiliate program for a reason! Thus, as soon as your lead turns into a sale, you earn more!


Pay Per Install

Make money with Pay Per Install program! Not all companies and services that deal with Pay Per Install model can offer profit you expect.


Revenue Share

Rev share programs are not new, but they remain popular because of their "lifetime" benefits.

Affiliate Programs

Turn your traffic into profits with our high-paying affiliate programs. Our CPA programs guarantee successful monetisation as the easiest way to earn more.

Dating CPA Offers

Get the best CPA offers to promote and enjoy all the benefits of working with our affiliate network! Start making money with CPA offers from widely known dating sites that are easy to promote.

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In order to receive payment you need to raise a minimum. Minimum payment for: webmoney, epayments, paxum - 100$ paypal - 200$ wire - 500$ By default payments are made once a month - on the 5th of the month for the past period. For Ecommerce / travel offers - payments are made by the Net30 system. For confirmed users who have $1000 payments are made by the Net5(5 Days) system.

In your profile you specify the requisites where your payment should come to. We have 5 different systems for payouts: 1.Webmobey 2. PayPal. 3.Wire 4. Paxum 5. ePayments

Payments are made every 5 days - on days 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30. To get the payment, you need to have the minimum balance. The payment of the fifth date is made for the period from 25 to 30-e. Payment on the 15th - from 5 to 10. Payment on the 25th - from 15 to 20-e. So you need to have a minimum balance 5 days before payment.

DOI stands for Double Opt-In, which means that the user needs to verify his e-mail after he signs up. SOI stands for Single Opt-In, which means that the users only needs to enter his e-mail and that's it - no verification required. Although SOI converts better, DOI usually has higher payouts.


Great payouts and offers. Just applied this network, all their offers are dating offer, pretty interesting. Tony seems like a nice guy. And he’s been really helpful on offer support.

Jerry Bogger, Publisher

KiK3 is a great network affiliate, best mobile offers also with desktop. Many SOI’s and DOI,,I got my second payment thank you to sir jhony my AM.

los pollos, Publisher

This is one of the best networks. They pay on time and the support is first class. I strongly encourage anyone looking for weekly payments to partner with this network!

joynul, CEO joynul Inc

KiK3 is a great network with great dashboard, great offers and great support.even i first time here at kik3 they give me a nice offer my AM is very helpful..

Sree Suran, Indian Punlisher

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